My Own UFO Experiences

There have been four actually! One in the early 70’s, one in the late 70’s, one in the mid 90’s and one in 2003.

Night observation: The one in the early 70’s involved a spherical object that was situated over Lake Ontario. I watched this object over a period of 30 minutes, during which it “dropped” and “retrieved” a smaller red orb. I called my girlfriend who lived nearby and her family watched this too. They called the local airport and were told nothing had been sighted as “unusual”.

Daytime observation: Late 70’s. Around ten in the morning, in a clear blue sky, I noticed a shiny metallic object which remained stationary. This object was approximately between one thousand and one thousand five hundred feet up and about the size of a dime held at about six feet away. It was bell shaped (kind of like the Liberty Bell) and had what appeared to be three antenna. One on top and two protruding from the lower lip of the bell. Again this object remained stationary, so I don’t think it was a balloon or there would have been some kind of drift associated with it. It remained in the sky for as long as I could have watched it, but had to get ready to go to work for one o’clock by which time it had gone.

Night observation: Mid 90’s. Around 8pm at night. My kids were watching tv when the oldest one said “what’s that?” She stood up and went to the window and I did too, along with the other three kids. At first I thought it an airplane as our home was located on the approach to the Halifax airport. I went outside for a clearer view. The kids were getting really agitated by my exclamations of amazement at a large triangle moving slowly at about 45 degree angle, approximately five or six hundred feet up and about three hundred feet downrange. It had six “white” lights on it’s circumference. The object moved very slowly in this attitude until it went out of site into the east behind the trees at the back of the property and out over the ocean.

Night observation: I was at home on the evening of Aug. 1 2003, around 9:30pm watching TV when I noticed a light outside. We are on an approach to the local civil airport, so I immediately thought it an aircraft. The light was quite bright though – solid, not blinking, but was streaming what looked like sparks and traveling from East to West. Most air traffic fly’s into our airport from South to North over my house. I got up to have a look and kept my eyes on it. As it got to the halfway point over my backyard, the “light” then faded out. Interesting I thought, and sat back down to watch TV. A few minutes later, my son noticed another light and we both got up and went outside and watched this one do exactly the same thing. Each event from beginning to end (when the light went out) was approx. 30 secs. A couple of minutes later, another one came over. Then another. My next door neighbor came out to have a cigar, and I heard him yelling to his wife to come and see these things in the sky. I went up to my bedroom and grabbed my still digital camera and binoculars. ufo1verysmall1We actually saw two at once on one occasion, cris-cross each other. When I viewed the object through the binocs, all I could see was the solid white light. As it got to the halfway mark in my backyard, the light faded, but I could still see a shape (squareish and appeared to be tumbling, slowly end over end). In total, we saw about a dozen of these things over a 45-60 minute period.

An addendum to this last sighting. I have checked the website for Space Junk Re-Entry and the only object that did re-enter the atmosphere was the Osumi satellite, but it’s path did not lead anywhere near our home.

A somewhat interesting side-note, there are currently about 144,000 video results on a search for UFO on YouTube. Even if only 1% of these were real, that could be potentially 1,444 video’s of craft of an unknown origin.


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