U.K. Police Can Report Their UFO Experiences

Present or past police officers can now report their UFO sightings to an on-line database located called PRUFOS. It would appear that there were some cops that did see a triangle craft (delta shaped) back in 1957.  It would have been interesting to know if the object made any sound at all. A popular delta winged aircraft of that time was the Avro Vulcan, which was active from 1953 to 1984. Here’s an excerpt from the the PRUFOS report…

“7. November 1957. 0235 hours. Location – Cowbridge, Glamorgan. Two uniformed officers observed a green blue UFO as it passed over South Wales. Five minutes later two other uniformed officers saw the same object as it passed over the Rhonnda Valley. The object was described as being delta shaped and travelling at high speed. Several civilian witnesses also observed the UFO. On Duty sighting. 4 Officers. Source – Press Archive.” Location – Dartmoor, Devon.


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