Pennsylvania UFO’s

I’ve been watching this You-Tube contributor’s posts for some time. Her name is Alison Kruse (seeingUFOsPA) from Murrysville, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh. At first I thought that her posts were a bit wacky, she is as funny as hell and to be honest I thought she was shooting helicopters and such.

I think this video kind of nailed it for me. This is not a traditional aircraft i.e. helo, small aircraft, known military craft. For one thing there are no FAA lighting requirements. That said, the FAA should be investigating this even if MUFON won’t! I’m beginning to wonder is MUFON is part of this worldwide disinformation campaign. Come on MUFON! Get someone in touch with Alison and get your ass to Murrysville.


3 Responses to “Pennsylvania UFO’s”

  1. Yeah right, me too.
    I’ve been following for a while and cannot believe nobody is covering this story.
    What makes me wonder most is that this was going on during the G20 meeting of world leaders. I mean following you know what there are huge no fly zones around secure areas. Only one conclusions – that they know this is going on.
    But who knows what that means

    • I know that on one of her earlier video’s in the series, 1 thru 8, she indicated that same thing – it’s supposed to be a “no fly zone” during the G20 meeting, but yet, there they were. Incredible.


    MUFON took her videos w/her copyright on them and filed an infringement complaint so YT took them down and suspended her.

    Her new channel is MOREseeingUFOsPa. MUFON is opening up a can of worms because it only brings more attention as to why they would go to such extremes to silence her. She’s not the only one w/great footage of “fake planes” on YT. I had a hard time swallowing that one too, but after watching her extensive footage had to accept the possibility. Whoever it is it is not conventional aircraft.

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