An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President: I learned of your Nobel Peace Prize with great astonishment this morning. I know and you know that acceptance of this prize at this time in your presidency is a mistake. The right wing are going to have a field day with this announcement. The left aren’t happy either.

With the submission to the Nobel committee necessary before the end of February of this current year, you would only have been in office for mere weeks, not months or years, and nothing of note had been accomplished by that time.

I do think that you should do the right thing for you and most importantly your country and refuse this award under the circumstances and tell them to come back and see you in a few years when you have put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian problem, ended the war in Afghanistan, and introduced health care reform to the United States. Refusing the award would be the right thing to do and REALLY add to your stature at home and abroad! Good luck with this Mr. President.


Rick Buggy

Canadian Citizen


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