Two separate sightings posted to MUFON as witnessed on November 17, 2009

Case #20593 “I looked out the window to see if I see anything and I catch an array of strange orbs or ufos flying about.. I guess they are putting on a nice colorful show because of the sighting I had earlier in the day that scared the living crap out of me.. I told “them” I would not record them anymore and that, they can’t come in the form of “blackchoppeprs” because it is too scary especially when flying low. They decided to come in the form of ORBS and entertain, I guess to apologize for the scare.. Look and enjoy.. This is over NYC, Central Park and Mid-town area…. Began around 7:40pm until 9pm. Then it was completely quite the entire night.”

Case #20606 “I filmed this on 11,17,09 part of a sequence of lights that was going about in the NYC sky. I was looking at the UFO or “CRAFT” hover and stay in one spot in the air while it flickered strange lights.. You can’t see it on the film but, a WHITE orb detaches and flies away from the “CRAFT”. Its the reason I zoom out from the sparkling lights. The Gold/White sphere moves at a nice gentle speed over Central Park. Truly amazing.”


One Response to “UFO Over NYC”

  1. Oh yeah? And what did Mufon say about this?

    New York has helio-ports and tours all over the city. You people need to start learning how to use your lenses correctly and stop thinking every light is a UFO!


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