Light’s (Out), Camera, Action!

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I was reading an article earlier today about how intense UFO activity is over Pennsylvania over the past few years. As you may know if you follow my blog, I’ve been a subscriber of Alison Kruse YouTube channel. She’s in a small town just outside Pittsburgh and has sightings every night.

There are many areas around the U.S. that are considered to have higher than average sightings of UFO’s. When I think of these places, besides Pennsylvania, I think of Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona. There is a gentleman by the name of Chris Hardman who lives in Texas now, formerly of Shreveport, La. Chris is into hydroponic gardening, but what he has been seeing for the last year or so is not an hallucination, as can be seen on his many YouTube video’s.

I was with a couple of old friends about a week ago, and one of them (Pauline) indicated that she had not ever seen a UFO. I’m pretty sure the other pal (Linda) had mentioned she had seen one or more. Bottom line, get outside on a nice clear night with a cup of tea (no booze) to keep you warm and sit there for a while. You might not see anything your first or second night, but if you’re patient, you will. Watch Chris Hardman’s latest video below (watch all the small orb’s flying around the main craft) and Alison Kruze too. It’s my favorite Alison video, where the UFO actually appears to scan the ground with a laser!

Remember FAA regulations indicate that aircraft must have a blue and red flashing wing tip lights, and a white light on the tail! That’s all you need to know to ensure you don’t confuse aircraft with the Watchers. Oh and something else, aircraft do make noise! The other guys, they hum (sometimes). Have fun out there and be sure to report what you see and better still take a picture or video!


One Response to “Light’s (Out), Camera, Action!”

  1. Do you people ever investigate the videos you put in here? This woman is looking at a commercial aircraft, the camera is out of focus to cause the plasma orb & everybody knows that ufo’s don’t shoot lasers!
    There is a military base at Laurel Caverns orienteering courses.

    Those Apaches love to buzz the tree-tops and hillsides. Also, they have laser targeting systems for munitions, and they appear similar to what you saw when viewed through NVG’s.

    She is surrounded by several air/helioports in her immediate vicinity. Her very last video you can even see the nose of a plane and her out of focus lens making it appear as though it is an orb and to the right you can see the plane ascending whilst skewing her perception of the lights thinking the plane is morphing!

    You all need to start checking out this stuff before putting it on your sites.


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