Who Is Alison Kruse And What Is She Seeing?

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Here’s one of Alison Kruse’s latest videos from Murrysville, PA. Alison was recently interviewed by Emmy Award winning reporter Linda Moulton-Howe on Linda’s Earthfiles.com site.

Here’s a link to Earthfiles and the interview with Alison about some of the very strange craft that she sees in PA and the video below which shows a craft scanning the ground with a pinpoint laser.

I had one comment from a reader by the name of “Brad”. Here are his views on Alison’s “laser firing UFO” video and a brief retort from me.

“Do you people ever investigate the videos you put in here? This woman is looking at a commercial aircraft, the camera is out of focus to cause the plasma orb & everybody knows that ufo’s don’t shoot lasers!
There is a military base at Laurel Caverns orienteering courses.

Those Apaches love to buzz the tree-tops and hillsides. Also, they have laser targeting systems for munitions, and they appear similar to what you saw when viewed through NVG’s.

She is surrounded by several air/helioports in her immediate vicinity. Her very last video you can even see the nose of a plane and her out of focus lens making it appear as though it is an orb and to the right you can see the plane ascending whilst skewing her perception of the lights thinking the plane is morphing!

You all need to start checking out this stuff before putting it on your sites.


Nice try Brad, but a couple of things…

  1. There is no noise associated with these craft in particular. The local Durham cop chopper where I live you can hear from about a mile away, beating the air with its rotor. Unless the U.S. has invented a new type of chopper, that is silent of course?!
  2. Everyone knows that UFO’s don’t shoot lasers! Say’s who?
  3. Apache helo’s do make noise, a lot of noise. What the hell would they be doing hovering over a golf course and tree tops in a relatively suburban area of Pittsburgh for?
  4. There is a bent towards the Air Force in your writing Brad. Is that who you work for?

5 Responses to “Who Is Alison Kruse And What Is She Seeing?”

  1. Since when are you privy to any military information? Oh I see they didn’t check with you first.

    Are you also a professional photographer? Do you know the physics of light refraction with and withoug infrared et al?

    Let an expert look at this then come back to me with your drivel.

    This woman sees *ALIENS* almost every night. You don’t find that odd?

    Well I do and many others find it odd as well. In all of Murrysville with all the surrounding land they choose HER little patch of woods. Come on…grow up! MUFON already dismissed her findings!

    • I worked in the photography field for the past 32 years. I find it interesting that you didn’t respond to the four points above, but instead drive off on a rant. Very typical. Try and get some sleep between the hours of 12am and 6am instead of trolling the internet, or are you outback in the Virginia countryside looking up, and hoping to see something?

  2. If you look in to a number of UFO sightings there have been instances where beams of light have been seen zapping the ground below. In fact if you look in to UFO sights for Upson County, GA.(USA) Specifically beween Upson county and Meriwether county, GA. a case or 2 of late night automobile traffic having lazer beams coming through their auto’s from several angles. If you check the map there are NO military bases within 50 to 60 miles north or south of those counties.

    It’s really funny to me that the critics use the the excuse since they did not see it personally, then it must not exist or it’s a hoax. Far as MUFON dismissing anyones reports, I for one would like to see that report from MUFON and until you do show the actual report from MUFON dismissing her report, I will reguard your rant as much as I would a dried up dog turd.

  3. The report has been posted on MUFONs official Youtube channel and it is as follows :

    [The MUFON State Director of Pennsylvania did personally investigate on site the claims of this witness two months ago. After spending over two hours viewing what the witness claims is alien craft flying around her home, the MUFON State Director of Pennsylvania came to the conclusion that what she is filming is “MAN-MADE CONVENTIONAL AIRCRAFT.”

    That is the conclusion presented in his final report and the case was CLOSED. It was AFTER the State Director visited the witness on site and gave her his conclusion that she then started calling them “FAKE AIRPLANES.”]

    I myself see no problem with what she is doing, however she recently submitted a video in which she had her kids shine lasers on an aircraft that appears to be a Cessna. You can hear the plane’s engines at one point. With that evidence right before her eyes, she merely screams that the “UFO” is making, quote “fake noise.” That is crossing the line, because she even says that she has misidentified things in the past. And she removed the video shortly after she was told that it is illegal to use lasers on planes. Luckily others managed to grab the video and host it before she pulled it.

  4. adam kruse Says:

    what my sister is seeing [orbs] is probably the phenomena well known as BALL LIGHTNING, Alison has seen them “sucking” she says off the high tension power lines across from her house… WWII flyers reportedly saw these things often around their aircraft and up to 5% of the us population had reported seeing these orbs in a 1960 survey…they are seen mostly during thunder storms but the electro magnetic field by high voltage power lines may yeild similar conditions for this phenomina to occur…and that they may ark somehow from the lines up to low flying aircraft may explain this.

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