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Cattle, Sheep and Mutilations Continue To Rise

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The bizarre world of cattle mutilations had been quiet for a few years. In San Luis Valley Colorado, a rancher found four mutilated calves on his ranch, with no ready explanation of what happened to them. In this picture, only the udder has been removed by what looks like an incision as opposed to be ripped away by a scavenger.

Rancher Manuel Sanchez has found no signs of human attackers, such as footprints or ATV tracks. And there are no signs of an animal attack by a coyote or mountain lion. Also, no blood spilled around the animals.

It was like that in Weld County 10 to 30 years ago, and some farmers and ranchers have said they still find mutilated livestock, but they don’t report it because of skeptics.

No blood on or around the animal is common!

In almost every mutilation case in Weld, the cattle and horses that were taken to Colorado State University for examination were determined to be mutilated by predators — usually coyotes — feeding on the dead animals. However, when animals are found like the sheep opposite, with little to no blood spilled on the grounds around the animal, and the cut showing no tears, as would be expected by a predator, then it isn’t a predator and is usually not reported!

Farmers and ranchers joke that “coyotes with scalpels” have been mutilating the cattle. For more information, follow this link to an investigators website.


Nigerian Bomber A Puppet In Far-Reaching U.S. Plans?

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Is this a case of deja vu all over again, or what? Al Qaeda claims to be behind a failed attack on an American passenger jet which was travelling from Amsterdam to Detroit. Allegedly, it was in retaliation for a U.S. operation against the terror group in Yemen. But investigative journalist Webster Tarpley says the Nigerian who had attempted the attack is a puppet in far-reaching U.S. plans. Then again, this is from “Russia Today”…

Our Star Is Alive Once Again!!!

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Yesterday, Dec. 22nd at approximately 0455 UT, magnetic fields around sunspot 1036 erupted, producing a C7-class solar flare. NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft was almost directly above the sunspot at the time of the blast and recorded this extreme ultraviolet movie.

The shadowy wave racing away from the blast site is a solar tsunami, a swell of hot, magnetized plasma about 100,000 km high packing as much energy as a million megatons of TNT. The tsunami petered out before it went more than halfway around the sun, but another manifestation of the blast is still going. The eruption hurled a faint coronal mass ejection (CME) into space and the billion-ton cloud should cross Earth’s orbit on or about Dec. 25th. A glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field could spark polar auroras for Christmas.

The sun is showing signs of life. There are no fewer than five active regions on the sun’s surface, shown here in an extreme ultraviolet photo taken this morning by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). Each circle contains a sunspot or proto-sunspot belonging to new Solar Cycle 24. After two years of record-low sunspot numbers and many month-long stretches of

utter quiet, this is a notable outbreak. Whether it heralds a genuine trend or merely marks a temporary, statistical uptick in activity remains to be seen. Sunspot 1035 (bottom image) is putting on a good show. There are two planet-sized cores connected by sinuous magnetic filaments more than 100,000 km long, all surrounded by a seething froth of hot plasma. Stay tuned!

Full stories and more about our Star here

Alison Kruse Speaks Out

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A few days ago, I wrote to Alison Kruse to try and get some insight into her situation with YouTube and why she was “targeted” the way she was over the past few months. Here are her thoughts on the questions I posed to her:

Subject: YouTube & Where the situation is now…

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 16:13:30 -0500

Hey Alison…

Just would like to follow up with you please and if you could answer a few questions about the YouTube debacle.

1. What do you think happened with the MUFON involvement? Were they responsible for your suspension?

2. When do you think that your original account will be reinstated?

3. What would you like to say to your detractors?

4. Are you planning any legal action of any kind at all?

5. Why do you think you were targeted out of all the various YouTubers who post UFO imagery to YouTube?

If you can take a few minutes to respond I’ll post directly to my blog, unedited. You’ve got a lot of fans out there wanting to know more. Thanks Alison.

Hi there…

I’m busy, as usual because of the holidays, but I’ll give them a try…

1.  The Youtube account suspension was directly due to 9 or 10 false copyright infringement claims filed by Youtube accounts using FAKE names not associated with the real people involved.  MUFON and MUFONpa/Bill Burns were not involved.  I was told by others, these are a gang of “trolls” who do nothing but attack usually UFO & paranormal channels with fake anonymous accounts, whose sole purpose is to eliminate them from Youtube.

These same jerks visit various blogs and UFO-type chat rooms and even spread the slander/debunking comments there also in attempts to try & sway the public into not believing it.  A common tactic, I am told, of disinformation agents…. or it might be just close-minded idiots who can’t process any new information disseminated to them.

These same actors have also issued demands that anyone caught uploading my videos to their own channel can expect the same channel-suspending treatment, insults, and have slandered them as well.

It is unfortunate, however, that PA MUFON is so busy with the ton of UFO reports that he (Director) had only time to spend about 1 hour outside here (and he showed up LATE after all the good stuff).  He forgot that he saw round lights that did not blink while viewing my Generation 3 Nightvision scope–which he stated he couldn’t understand why they weren’t blinking.  He then only spent another 1/2 hour seeing my IR home cam on my little monitor, before writing off I what I had been reporting.  I DID post a red-blinking UFO that I filmed SHORTLY AFTER HE LEFT.  Another person who filed a UFO report nearby in Trafford, PA also has reported the same activity, yet she only got an answering machine message referring to mine being debunked.

He apparently has no prior knowledge of the famous Pine Bush, NY study by Dr. Bruce Cornet, or it might have occurred to him that this might be a similar phenomenon–which I believe it is.

To investigation this properly, it would take at least 3 investigators with low-lux camcorders & high-powered binocs, surrounding the area on at least 3, preferably 4 sides, to prove the origination of the objects coming from “the woods” and NOT just planes approaching and flying over my area.  A simple SECONDARY Radar report request showing identifying radar data could have accomplished the same.  Yet NO RADAR REPORTS have ever been produced proving conventional aircraft–NOT ONE.  Such a simple request, I think… A lot easier than this massive slander campaign.  Even I have managed to get a response from FAA, and mine said there was no record of any any craft in the area for the date/time/location requested as shown on Pittsburgh Surveillance Radar.  My footage is embedded with date/time AND GPS of location shot, and sometimes even has corresponding surveillance IR footage to match.

2.  Since I filed counterclaims (which gives the debunkers my address information) against the false copyright ones (all of them), the fake people only have 10 days (after Youtube acknowledges it, which just happened today) to serve me a Court complaint to stop–which I’d love to see.  Then the claim expires.  We shall see what happens then.  In the meantime, I’ve given fans permission to upload their favorite videos of mine anywhere they wish.  Only the insulting debunkers will have copyright claims filed by ME against them.

They have, however, already made a FAKE channel name recently with my Facebook page, a copy of my channel, and used the name:  Alison Cruse to file fake copyright claims against a Youtuber who came here to see them in person and is now sticking up for me.

3.  In a weird way, I should say “thank you” for making this, the morphing orb/fake plane UFO, such a controversial subject.  While back when Dr. Bruce Cornet was talking about it, while researching the Pine Bush, NY reoccurring UFO phenomenon, it apparently didn’t get enough attention–because that type, the UFO-pretending-to-be-a-plane, (complete with FAA-style flashing lights & sometimes fake sound) wasn’t even added to “the list” of generally accepted or known UFO types.  Linda Moulton Howe even published research on “Pretender UFOs”, which I had found when it occurred to me that these UFOs might be trying to LOOK like our aircraft to go unnoticed.  So now that they, the debunkers, are mentioning my name in their parody videos–it only makes people want to find out what all the fuss it about.  Why last week I was #92 Most Subscribed Channels in all of Youtube because of their crap.  They now think they can intimidate me with threats of legal action for shining lights at UFOs.  I think that would be most helpful to the UFO community in general if I could get media attention for my footage–when it’s proven that what I pointed a light at an unidentified flying object that DOSN’T SHOW ON RADAR, don’t you?

One only has to do search on Youtube for some of the following to find more videos of the same UFO types as I have filmed:  morphing, hologram, fake plane, fake jet, orange orb, transformer UFO.  There are probably at least 50 more in several different countries–from Brazil to Moscow to Norway to Canada & all places in between.

4.  I have not written off legal action at this point.  The threats, defamation of character other harassment is escalating.  Now I know what fame must feel like.  I can take it though, it’s in my heritage to stand against opposition when the cause is just.

5.  Perhaps because I’m a woman who’s standing my ground.  And so are the people that have been here and seen the plasma orb action in person. And so are the countless others who’ve been filming them and are withstanding similar attacks.

I am spending my own money & time to show what is going on only to educate everyone, not to open a debate. they have the choice to not believe it and move on if it doesn’t fit their bill.  Those not seeing this stuff and are on the other side of a flat screen with no depth-of-field are simply not qualified to tell others what they’ve seen.  Those without proof to the contrary (like radar) are not qualified either–especially when it concerns mimicry.  I would hate to have these guys in our military when the other side starts using the type off hologram technology our guys are working on now.  They’ll be, “Hey, we can’t shoot at that!   I don’t care if they’re not suppose to be here, they’re not on radar or respond to radio contact, are violating the no-fly-zone… and flying low over houses, it looks just like a civilian plane with it’s flashing lights!”  See my point?

Here is a partial list of others on Youtube (from around the world) who have footage of the same phenomenon–you can go directly to their channels by typing the following names after this address:


There are also THOUSANDS of orange UFO videos online too.  I believe all orange UFOs probably have the ability to transform or morph into objects that pretend to be ours to blend in, go unnoticed and not be shot at.

Refusing to accept new information will not be helpful in dealing with what’s going on right now.  Somewhere I read something that said, “The wise man will see the many signs in the heavens and prepare…”

I think they might have meant these times….

Thank you for taking the time to finding out the truth of what’s being going on… I remain,

Respectfully yours,

Alison Kruse

Mysterious sonic boom rattles San Diego! Earthquake or what exactly?

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Thousands in and around San Diego wondered exactly that late this afternoon when an unexplained boom that some feared was an earthquake rattled shelves and some nerves from Poway to Chula Vista.

Around 4 p.m., callers flooded switchboards at local emergency call centers, inquiring whether there had been some sort of explosion or earthquake. Fearing the latter, firefighters at a fire station in the northern suburb of Clairemont evacuated their building and moved the fire engines outside.

The United States Geological Survey later determined the noise was a sonic boom, even though, this boom registered a magnitude 3.6. Similar booms have been heard and felt in the area before; in 2006, seismologists at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla traced another such boom to an area in the Pacific Ocean about 120 miles west of San Diego that is routinely used for military training flights. USGS seismologists suspect that today’s boom probably originated somewhere well away from San Diego, bounced off the upper atmosphere, and reverberated over the city.

Officials at local military bases, however, were also at a loss to explain the boom, as they told callers that no training flights were taking place at the time.

Jeez, And I Wasn’t Going To Post Anything Else Today, But Check This Out…

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Recent video footage from Chile shows a group of unknown aerial objects interacting with each other in the night sky. Check out this amazing clip.

Global Warming Is All My Fault, Honest!

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As they say in the old country, “what a lot of old rot!” This won’t go over well with some of the lefties in the audience, but Al Gore is full of rot in my opinion!

Is global warming my fault? Your fault? Our fault? Are their too many children being born in third world countries? Or is global warming and cooling a part of the natural cycle of things? Does the Sun play a part in all this? What about the recurring geomagnetic reversal from the North to the South pole on Earth and on the Sun? Who, or what do we believe?

Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952) is a British politician, business consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, inventor and hereditary peer. He served as an advisor to Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit in the 1980s and invented the Eternity puzzle at the end of the 1990s. More recently, he has attracted controversy for his public opposition to the mainstream scientific consensus on climate change. He also announced a sequel to his original puzzle called Eternity II in 2007, which is still unsolved.

The attached video is by Lord Christopher Monckton, who takes about an hour and a half to clearly present the other side of the so called, global warming debate. If you want to understand what the debacle is all about and impress your friends with an unbiased, objective and fact based discussion on this subject, then be prepared for an illuminating experience.

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