Alison Kruse: Harassment by YouTube and Others

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If you’ve been following my blog on the strange occurrences in the skies over Murrysville Pennsylvania, then you’ll know that I am an avid fan of one Alison Kruse and her unusual postings. In fact, Alison’s YouTube videos (SeeingUFOsPA) have caught the attention of more than the few of us who believe that the Earth is being visited by Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. Emmy Award winning journalist, Linda Moulton Howe featured Alison and her videography in her November 25th segment, found here.

Linda doesn’t like to have the wool pulled over her eyes, and I do feel that she saw legitimacy in Alison’s postings. The video that caught everyones attention was the one in which there appears to be a craft using a laser to scan the ground about 150 feet in front of Alison.

There have been many people who go out “on the hunt” with Alison as she faithfuly patrols the forests and golf courses around this suburb of eastern Pittsburgh. So she does have witnesses to back up her claims of what she records on her HD Sony.

But there’s something up. Alison has been the victim of harrasment on YouTube where her account has been threatened with suspension for illegaly using copywritten material! Kind of hard to be illegally using your own videos don’t you think? But this has been the case, where others are claiming that they are the owners of her recordings and have had YouTube disallow access to her own imagery. This is incredible. Either the debunkers, the ones who claim that she is simply filming aircraft (tell that to the cops and the airline pilot who were out on the hunt with her and couldn’t explain what they saw) have way too much time on their hands, or that she is an actual target of something more sinnister. A government conspiracy to shut her up and shut her down!

The threats against Alison are found in the video below, which she recorded off her computer screen. Either way, this is one sad situation in the land of the FREE?

UPDATE: Alison’s YouTube channel has been suspended! I guess “they” got what they wanted after all!

She’ll be back!


19 Responses to “Alison Kruse: Harassment by YouTube and Others”

  1. Scott Hamilton Says:

    I’ve just seen that Allisons youtube account has been suspended. I hope whoever has been giving her trouble gets what they deserve. This is total bs.

  2. Maybe she should go to
    Perhaps Mr. Greenewald would be able to help her out with hosting her videos.

  3. Alison Kruse Says:

    Yep, you’re right, I WILL be back… Backup channel MOREseeingUFOsPA. Uploading stuff now… Will take all night for HD videos. Will only post new stuff to save time. Because after this crap is straightened out (they have only 10 days to serve court papers for this claim, after which Youtube CAN reinstate my account).

    From now on, I’m posting statement for EVERYONE to have my permission to post my videos on THEIR channels, as long as it’s exact copy of mine creation (to avoid the idiots messing with them). I told everyone to feel free to do so if I got shut down anyway, so don’t be surprised if you see them on other channels. Should keep the fake account makers VERY busy trying to yank ALL copies off the net!

    And to all my supporters–THANKS for YOUR SUPPORT! May the truth be made known to ALL!

    • Hang in there girl!

    • Mr.Peabody Says:

      The real reason Alison was kicked off of YOU TUBE was because some of her videos were shot near a golf course and may have captured Tiger Wood’s having an affair with an alien gal pal so he had his lawyer’s shut down her video’s before the truth of yet ANOTHER affair was exsposed!

    • You go girl!!! I’m behind you all the way!

    • hey alison sweety,

      i got messages from people about your suspend. i do not trust them because the accounts look totally fake. they want information about you. i do not answer them. i only uploaded your latest video to inform my subscribers generally about new ufo investigation althouth im not a ufo poster my subbies should know about this case. keep the work going.

      greets from germany

    • Best if you have a PC with at least 2 harddrives with lots of storage space, so you can back up your videos and quickly repost to a new channel.

    • Keep on filming and spreading the word…excellent work and amazing footage…cheers!

  4. The video which shows a light trail going from the ground to a craft is just that. Someone simply shined a laser pointer at a passing aircraft. This location is an extremely busy flight path, both night and day. You can see that for yourself using any of the free flight trackers. If you look at the video in slow motion, the light comes from the ground and goes up to the craft, not the other way around. While it is a Federal offense to commit such an act, this is exactly what happened.

    • Just reviewed in frame-by-frame and can’t see how the laser is being fired from the ground at all. Also, how does this explain the “pulsing” effect, that every time the craft pulses, it is in synch with the laser and the crafts intensification?

    • And your verifiable background expertise in photography and videography is? Also do you have the identity and the testimony of the person who supposely tagged the aircraft with the laser? Until you do i will reguard your rant as undocumented and unverified opinion!



  6. I just watched in frame-by-frame too. I don’t see the laser coming from the ground either, at all. It’s definitely coming from the craft. That is exactly what happened.
    Sorry John. No federal offense here.

  7. I agree that it is definitely coming from the craft, however that particular video shows what looks exactly like a laser range finder of an Apache AH-64 helicopter. The same cannot be said of the other video in which Alison and her children shine lasers on what they think is a UFO. I find that interesting because you can clearly see what they are filming is an airplane, not only that but you can hear its engine, and Ms Kruse says, amazingly enough, that it is “fake noise” made by the UFO.

    I say keep doing what you are doing but please don’t use lasers on these things, even if they ARE actually morphing UFOs. You might make them angry 🙂

  8. Also I have no axe to grind here, just want to make sure you stay within the guidelines of the law, plus you don’t want to go to jail or cop a massive fine because you accidentally lasered a plane or a helicopter. I have seen your youtube account and those of the people who are harassing you but I don’t want to get drawn into it on there. Thats why I’m commenting here.
    Oh and the thing about a lot of the objects not making any noise, well my street is directly under the flight path that leads to our airport and at night I have found for some reason that planes dont make nearly as much noise as they do at daytime. I dont know why that is. I can clearly see them but cannot hear them or if I can it is very very quiet.

  9. If this was a helicopter at this range (150 feet), it certainly would have been heard, which it was not. No sound.

  10. Robert deRussy Says:

    It is feasible what was being seeing when Alison Kruse said a search beam;
    Was A Government craft surrounded by a very powerful Infrared Frequency so the craft would look like a white ball of light making it
    unidentifiable in the night sky by infrared viewing devices. The craft Using a laser sighted spectrum analyzer as seen in this video link below; to attempt to figure out what is going on with these orbs being seen; and what frequencies are being used to create them; with hopes to identify the source of the Orbs with out anyone finding out.
    Meaning they don’t know or refuse to accept the truth !
    One does not choose to see; the one who sees is the one chosen to see.

  11. est la rĂ©fĂ©rence dans le domaine des extraterrestres et des ovnis remplis de thĂ©orie la plus intĂ©ressante les unes que les autres ovnispace sera rĂ©pondre a vos questions….

    […]Alison Kruse: Harassment by YouTube and Others « Bugg’s Blog[…]…

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