Norwegian Light Show

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By now you’ve no doubt read about the spiral light show in north-eastern Norway the night before Obama was to receive his distinguished award in that country. By now you’ve also heard that Russia announced they were the culpable country responsible for that light show as a result of an errant intercontinental test missile launch.

White Sea

Again, the night before the President of the United States is due to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway, the Russians are testing long-range (>10,000 km) missiles aimed in the general direction of Norway shot from a nuclear sub in the White Sea. Every other test missile launched by Russia from the White Sea is aimed towards the Kamchatka Peninsula! Okay, let’s bone up on our geography. Kamchatka is in the far east of Russia, nowhere near Norway which is 180 degrees in the opposite direction!

The Russian Defense Ministry issued this statement on December 10th 2009:  “The impressive translucent moving spiral was the tumbling rocket moving eastward, almost a thousand miles away from Norway and moving almost directly away from the area. Observers were seeing – and photographing – it from behind, even as the images gave the impression of something moving toward them. The illusion was the result of the transparency of the exhaust clouds.” Well, looking at the spiral picture above, it’s kind of hard to imagine that this looks anything like an exhaust plume.

I’ve included a video here which shows an “out of control” ICBM and what that exhaust plume looks like. Compare for yourself and tell me what you think. Doesn’t look like the same thing at all.

So what the hell is this thing? I haven’t a clue! Some say HAARP! But I certainly can’t believe the story released by the Russian government at all.


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