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Global Warming Is All My Fault, Honest!

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As they say in the old country, “what a lot of old rot!” This won’t go over well with some of the lefties in the audience, but Al Gore is full of rot in my opinion!

Is global warming my fault? Your fault? Our fault? Are their too many children being born in third world countries? Or is global warming and cooling a part of the natural cycle of things? Does the Sun play a part in all this? What about the recurring geomagnetic reversal from the North to the South pole on Earth and on the Sun? Who, or what do we believe?

Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952) is a British politician, business consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, inventor and hereditary peer. He served as an advisor to Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit in the 1980s and invented the Eternity puzzle at the end of the 1990s. More recently, he has attracted controversy for his public opposition to the mainstream scientific consensus on climate change. He also announced a sequel to his original puzzle called Eternity II in 2007, which is still unsolved.

The attached video is by Lord Christopher Monckton, who takes about an hour and a half to clearly present the other side of the so called, global warming debate. If you want to understand what the debacle is all about and impress your friends with an unbiased, objective and fact based discussion on this subject, then be prepared for an illuminating experience.

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