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White House Press Secretary Gibbs On UFO’s…

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In a recent announcement, Presidential Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and President Obama will not be questioned by the White House press corps about anything to do with ET’s or UFO’s. The self regulating White House Press Association, has agreed that questions regarding these topics will not be offered up to the White House in any way. There is a massive amount of peer pressure exerted on a “credentialed” reporter, and that if someone breaks the rules of the association, those hard to come by credentials could be revoked, even though the association doesn’t directly issue credentials.

Here is a video from mid 2009 and how Gibbs answers a caller to C-SPAN about the subject of UFO’s. I feel that the caller wasn’t succinct enough with his question…


Alison Kruse Forwards A Couple Of Video’s

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Alison sent me these videos. One belongs to her and shows a flaming UFO which she describes as a “plasma ball”. Alison also shows some video of a helicopter to show the difference between what she is filming and regular helo’s, like a LifeFlight.

The other video is by John Lenard Walson, an amateur astronomer, who has modified his own telescope to “boost” magnification and resolution.  Walson contends that he is filming very large craft which are in orbit around the Earth. No, he is not shooting the International Space Station. Check out his videos. He too, like Alison, have been the object of a smear campaign by (A) people with too much time on their hands, or (B) an organized disinformation campaign by people working for departments within the government who really don’t want anyone to pay attention to these videos.

I’d like someone to send me a video of what an Apache helicopter’s laser sighting system looks like through night-vision glasses, as this is the most common reason given for what Alison recorded  a few months ago. I’d also like to know why Apache helicopters a flying around the sky above Murrysville PA?

Alison’s Video

Walson’s Video

International Space Station through a Telescope

Mark Easter, MUFON’s International Director of Public Relations sets the story straight about recent youtube misconduct

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Mark Easter, MUFON’s International Director of Public Relations sets the story straight about recent YouTube misconduct.  Anonymous YouTube users have been impersonating MUFON in an unfortunate slander campaign against a fellow YouTube user. For the record, these anonymous YouTube individuals are in no way associated with MUFON. They are acting on their own.

MUFON encourages Freedom of Speech, not Hatred and Slander. The UFO phenomenon brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in people.

This separates MUFON from the current debacle between Alison Kruse and YouTube. I had a hard time believing MUFON could have been involved in this in the first place. It was however, a planned and orchestrated attack on Ms. Kruse and on the reporting that she has been conducting in the area around east Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in recent months. YouTube needs to investigate:

  • why videos with Ms. Kruse’s copy-write clearly marked on them were deemed belonging to someone else of a different name, and find out
  • who these individuals are, known collectively as “Anonymous”, and track back their IP addresses (IP addresses can’t be hidden or masked completely according to one of these impersonators – SeeingUFOzPA) and shut them out of YouTube.
  • This is bad for YouTube and the community as a whole if they allow this individual/group to get away with this at all!
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