White House Press Secretary Gibbs On UFO’s…

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In a recent announcement, Presidential Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and President Obama will not be questioned by the White House press corps about anything to do with ET’s or UFO’s. The self regulating White House Press Association, has agreed that questions regarding these topics will not be offered up to the White House in any way. There is a massive amount of peer pressure exerted on a “credentialed” reporter, and that if someone breaks the rules of the association, those hard to come by credentials could be revoked, even though the association doesn’t directly issue credentials.

Here is a video from mid 2009 and how Gibbs answers a caller to C-SPAN about the subject of UFO’s. I feel that the caller wasn’t succinct enough with his question…


What’s That Book In Hillary’s Hands?

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In the 1990’s Laurance Rockefeller became interested in paranormal phenomena, especially with UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation.  He funded scientific investigations and organized and funded a briefing document to record the best evidence.  Rockefeller also conferred with the Clintons regarding the release of files by President Bill Clinton.

For a closer view of the book that Hillary Clinton is holding, please click this link. A very interesting read!

Triangle UFO Appears Over Moscow, Jan. 16

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This object appeared for about three minutes in north-east Moscow. Compare the size of the triangle relative to the crane arm in the video.

MSNBC: Missile Test Sparks Chinese UFO Reports

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In an ironic encore, yet another secret military missile test has sparked widespread UFO reports from surprised ground witnesses.

On Dec. 9, a Russian Bulava missile was launched from a submarine within sight of northern Norway, resulting in a spectacular spiral display and a spate of UFO sightings.

This week’s UFO reports apparently were sparked by a Chinese missile that was fired to intercept another missile in flight, for the first time in the nation’s history.

Witnesses in China’s inland provinces of Xinjiang and Gansu weren’t as well equipped with cameras as last month’s Norwegian witnesses were, so the only images reaching the West merely show fuzzy-colored clouds and streaks. The military secrecy surrounding China’s missile test is so tight that Beijing officials seem to be at a loss as to how to respond to the reports. Read the entire MSNBC article here

British UFO Reports Triple in 2009

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In 2009 there were 643 reports of bizarre lights, strange spheres and curious orbs in our skies — a figure only beaten in 1978.

UFO expert Nick Pope said 31 years ago there were 750 reports from panicked members of the public.

But this is the last time the Ministry of Defence will release these figures. The government closed their UFO hotline just before the end of last year, after it had been running for almost 60 years.

The files contain sightings from military personnel, police officers and air traffic controllers.

Pope, who used to run the MoD’s UFO project, said last night: “This is incredible. Britain is being inundated with UFO sightings.

“I’m sure the record would have been smashed had the MoD not terminated the UFO project late last year.

“These sensational figures just show how wrong that decision was.

“There are sightings here from military personnel, police officers and air traffic controllers.”

Source: The Sun

Pennsylvania UFO Tailed by 4 Choppers

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A report from the MUFON database for January 9th which tells of a witness driving along Manor Road in Newton PA. (see map below showing the location of Newton (A) relative to Pittsburgh, Monroeville [Alison Kruse] and Philadelphia), at 1:32 a.m. on a clear night and stopped his vehicle after spotting a row of lights that looked strange. The lights were hovering 50 feet above a nearby treeline about  a few hundred feet ahead. The witness got out of his vehicle for a better look.

“I was in Newtown, PA working. I was on Manor Rd. at 1:32am.It was a totally clear night. I had just looked at the clock when ahead of me in the sky was a row of lights that looked strange, so I stopped.

They were just hovering about 50ft. above the trees and a few hundred feet ahead of me. It was totally silent. I got out to get a better look.

It started to bank right, very slowly. All the lights faded as if it were going through a cloud, then 4 lights brightened. One on each wing tip and two, spaced, in the middle.

As it contined to bank, I saw a row of small red lights under the two center white lights and then a second row of small red lights on the belly.

I absolutely could not see the shape of the craft. Just blackness.

It contined to turn around until I could see the back. I then saw red and white lights, this time in bars, flashing on and off like a laser light show. The configuration of those rear lights showed the back was a different shape. Like the rudder of a plane. It was going away, but still clear in the sky and I reached for the door handle of my van, glanced back up, and it was just gone.

When I first saw it and noticed it was silent, I thought of stealths.

I went to an air show once and saw a stealth, but this didn’t look like that. As I was looking at the front, I was reminded of a manta ray, or skate.

I was surprised and a little uneasy, but it didn’t do anything, just went away, so I went back to work. When I spoke with co-workers, one suggested it was some kind of upgraded stealth. Ok, but we’re not near a military base, and a stealth wouldn’t have a laser light show on the back. I don’t know what it was.

Two hours after I saw this, four choppers, in formation, were seen by me and a co-worker. As they got to Newtown, they split up. I could see them, singly, as I contined to work, for about another hour.”

The Obama’s UFO Visitors

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I hate music on YouTube videos, but I can handle Coldplay. This video purportedly recorded in Oslo as “The Obama” is receiving his Nobel Prize, for err, whatever reason it was given to him. In it, one can clearly see a triangle UFO appear, pointing straight up. I guess the EBE’s had to see this event to believe it also!

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