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Stuck On Scotland…

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I listened with great excitement to an interview on Coast-To-Coast with Linda Moulten Howe last night. Linda essentially co-hosts on the last Thursday of every month with George Noory. Her productions are second to none. Accurate, probing questions and I do feel unbiased. She really gets to the meat of the matter.

Last nights show was terrific, as it also covered a UFO abduction in Tarbrax, Scotland (indicated on the map to the left), so it coincided nicely with my current Scotland UFO theme. I’m only going to redirect you to Linda’s site from here. Read parts one and two (part three is coming soon). These are incredibly detailed and quite scary reports, with excellent graphics by the abductees. Essentially, they raise more questions about why people continue to be abducted and what/where is “Sanctuary”? Read here


Isaac! Where are you?

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Isaac (pseudonym), to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t been in touch with anyone since 2007, when he put together his infamous website in June of 2007.  Isaac wanted to use Coast to Coast as his exclusive media outlet to reveal more about his life in the shadows working in the CARET program trying to understand how to translate extraterrestrial artifacts and technology for use by everday consumers. I wrote to Lex, the webmaster at Coast to Coast to ask him if there had been any further contact with Isaac as he had promised back in ’07. Lex indicated that there had been none.

This is my appeal to Isaac to step out of the shadows once again and provide some more evidence of his work with CARET. What he has provided so far is compelling to say the least and he did indicate that there was more to come. Come on old boy, show us some more of what you have please!

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