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Who Are They? In My Opinion, Part Deux…

Posted in Alien Technology, EBE, Extraterrestrial, UFO with tags , , , , , on November 2, 2009 by Rick Buggy's Rants & Ravings

WOW – so much time has passed between my last post on October 17th and now. I left off by stating that my head was about to explode. This subject area can do that to you. It really is hard to get your head around. Recently, there have been new reports of cattle being levitated up into a UFO. Strange circular cloud formations over Moscow and Romania. Alison Kruse in Pennsylvania has posted more videos of weird flying objects in the woods. So things aren’t standing still. This brings me to my original question. Who are they?

Well I truly believe that the number of visitations and reports of visitations really hasn’t grown at all over the years. I do think that the Internet has transformed the speed by which these reports move around the planet. There are so many methods of recording pictures and videos and posting these images to YouTube and to Blog’s is literally a snap. There are also the fakes and those who try to make a quick buck by being the first to post videos and pictures of an alien drowned in someone’s bathtub. Granted, some of these things are weird or look too good to be true, or can be explained through logical analysis of the facts. Other things, as in this video are, like the Phoenix Lights, a little harder to explain and brings me back to the question, who are creating these things? Who are they?

In my opinion, they are “the Watchers”. They are closely watching our progress as we snake along the evolutionary ladder. The have been watching us for tens of thousands of years. History is full of their watchfulness, as in this 15th century painting by an unknown artist. The object in the sky doesn’t seem to fit the era at all and can only be one thing. Is it proof positive that the EBE’s are visiting or watching us? Not exactly. Examples like this and other evidence from the past and electronic evidence from the present does lend credence to the fact that we’re not alone. Go back and read part one of this entry. It’s impossible to imagine that we’re the only ones in the universe. How arrogant!

It is however going to take quite literally, a landing on the White House lawn to get the attention of world media and to finally put this whole question to rest. In the meantime rest assured that we who believe that the EBE’s are alive and kicking and watching our progression, aren’t nut’s. We are skeptical, not gullible. But we’re also open-minded enough to realize that sometimes we just don’t have all the answers and that just perhaps, the truth isn’t out there, but much closer to home.

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