Pennsylvania UFO Tailed by 4 Choppers

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A report from the MUFON database for January 9th which tells of a witness driving along Manor Road in Newton PA. (see map below showing the location of Newton (A) relative to Pittsburgh, Monroeville [Alison Kruse] and Philadelphia), at 1:32 a.m. on a clear night and stopped his vehicle after spotting a row of lights that looked strange. The lights were hovering 50 feet above a nearby treeline about  a few hundred feet ahead. The witness got out of his vehicle for a better look.

“I was in Newtown, PA working. I was on Manor Rd. at 1:32am.It was a totally clear night. I had just looked at the clock when ahead of me in the sky was a row of lights that looked strange, so I stopped.

They were just hovering about 50ft. above the trees and a few hundred feet ahead of me. It was totally silent. I got out to get a better look.

It started to bank right, very slowly. All the lights faded as if it were going through a cloud, then 4 lights brightened. One on each wing tip and two, spaced, in the middle.

As it contined to bank, I saw a row of small red lights under the two center white lights and then a second row of small red lights on the belly.

I absolutely could not see the shape of the craft. Just blackness.

It contined to turn around until I could see the back. I then saw red and white lights, this time in bars, flashing on and off like a laser light show. The configuration of those rear lights showed the back was a different shape. Like the rudder of a plane. It was going away, but still clear in the sky and I reached for the door handle of my van, glanced back up, and it was just gone.

When I first saw it and noticed it was silent, I thought of stealths.

I went to an air show once and saw a stealth, but this didn’t look like that. As I was looking at the front, I was reminded of a manta ray, or skate.

I was surprised and a little uneasy, but it didn’t do anything, just went away, so I went back to work. When I spoke with co-workers, one suggested it was some kind of upgraded stealth. Ok, but we’re not near a military base, and a stealth wouldn’t have a laser light show on the back. I don’t know what it was.

Two hours after I saw this, four choppers, in formation, were seen by me and a co-worker. As they got to Newtown, they split up. I could see them, singly, as I contined to work, for about another hour.”


One Response to “Pennsylvania UFO Tailed by 4 Choppers”

  1. Hello: I too have seen a craft but this was in 1959 and also in 1960, Lets just say that it had my total threshold of understanding right in the balance.
    I first off believe you and second comend you for posting….


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