Alison Kruse Speaks Out

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A few days ago, I wrote to Alison Kruse to try and get some insight into her situation with YouTube and why she was “targeted” the way she was over the past few months. Here are her thoughts on the questions I posed to her:

Subject: YouTube & Where the situation is now…

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 16:13:30 -0500

Hey Alison…

Just would like to follow up with you please and if you could answer a few questions about the YouTube debacle.

1. What do you think happened with the MUFON involvement? Were they responsible for your suspension?

2. When do you think that your original account will be reinstated?

3. What would you like to say to your detractors?

4. Are you planning any legal action of any kind at all?

5. Why do you think you were targeted out of all the various YouTubers who post UFO imagery to YouTube?

If you can take a few minutes to respond I’ll post directly to my blog, unedited. You’ve got a lot of fans out there wanting to know more. Thanks Alison.

Hi there…

I’m busy, as usual because of the holidays, but I’ll give them a try…

1.  The Youtube account suspension was directly due to 9 or 10 false copyright infringement claims filed by Youtube accounts using FAKE names not associated with the real people involved.  MUFON and MUFONpa/Bill Burns were not involved.  I was told by others, these are a gang of “trolls” who do nothing but attack usually UFO & paranormal channels with fake anonymous accounts, whose sole purpose is to eliminate them from Youtube.

These same jerks visit various blogs and UFO-type chat rooms and even spread the slander/debunking comments there also in attempts to try & sway the public into not believing it.  A common tactic, I am told, of disinformation agents…. or it might be just close-minded idiots who can’t process any new information disseminated to them.

These same actors have also issued demands that anyone caught uploading my videos to their own channel can expect the same channel-suspending treatment, insults, and have slandered them as well.

It is unfortunate, however, that PA MUFON is so busy with the ton of UFO reports that he (Director) had only time to spend about 1 hour outside here (and he showed up LATE after all the good stuff).  He forgot that he saw round lights that did not blink while viewing my Generation 3 Nightvision scope–which he stated he couldn’t understand why they weren’t blinking.  He then only spent another 1/2 hour seeing my IR home cam on my little monitor, before writing off I what I had been reporting.  I DID post a red-blinking UFO that I filmed SHORTLY AFTER HE LEFT.  Another person who filed a UFO report nearby in Trafford, PA also has reported the same activity, yet she only got an answering machine message referring to mine being debunked.

He apparently has no prior knowledge of the famous Pine Bush, NY study by Dr. Bruce Cornet, or it might have occurred to him that this might be a similar phenomenon–which I believe it is.

To investigation this properly, it would take at least 3 investigators with low-lux camcorders & high-powered binocs, surrounding the area on at least 3, preferably 4 sides, to prove the origination of the objects coming from “the woods” and NOT just planes approaching and flying over my area.  A simple SECONDARY Radar report request showing identifying radar data could have accomplished the same.  Yet NO RADAR REPORTS have ever been produced proving conventional aircraft–NOT ONE.  Such a simple request, I think… A lot easier than this massive slander campaign.  Even I have managed to get a response from FAA, and mine said there was no record of any any craft in the area for the date/time/location requested as shown on Pittsburgh Surveillance Radar.  My footage is embedded with date/time AND GPS of location shot, and sometimes even has corresponding surveillance IR footage to match.

2.  Since I filed counterclaims (which gives the debunkers my address information) against the false copyright ones (all of them), the fake people only have 10 days (after Youtube acknowledges it, which just happened today) to serve me a Court complaint to stop–which I’d love to see.  Then the claim expires.  We shall see what happens then.  In the meantime, I’ve given fans permission to upload their favorite videos of mine anywhere they wish.  Only the insulting debunkers will have copyright claims filed by ME against them.

They have, however, already made a FAKE channel name recently with my Facebook page, a copy of my channel, and used the name:  Alison Cruse to file fake copyright claims against a Youtuber who came here to see them in person and is now sticking up for me.

3.  In a weird way, I should say “thank you” for making this, the morphing orb/fake plane UFO, such a controversial subject.  While back when Dr. Bruce Cornet was talking about it, while researching the Pine Bush, NY reoccurring UFO phenomenon, it apparently didn’t get enough attention–because that type, the UFO-pretending-to-be-a-plane, (complete with FAA-style flashing lights & sometimes fake sound) wasn’t even added to “the list” of generally accepted or known UFO types.  Linda Moulton Howe even published research on “Pretender UFOs”, which I had found when it occurred to me that these UFOs might be trying to LOOK like our aircraft to go unnoticed.  So now that they, the debunkers, are mentioning my name in their parody videos–it only makes people want to find out what all the fuss it about.  Why last week I was #92 Most Subscribed Channels in all of Youtube because of their crap.  They now think they can intimidate me with threats of legal action for shining lights at UFOs.  I think that would be most helpful to the UFO community in general if I could get media attention for my footage–when it’s proven that what I pointed a light at an unidentified flying object that DOSN’T SHOW ON RADAR, don’t you?

One only has to do search on Youtube for some of the following to find more videos of the same UFO types as I have filmed:  morphing, hologram, fake plane, fake jet, orange orb, transformer UFO.  There are probably at least 50 more in several different countries–from Brazil to Moscow to Norway to Canada & all places in between.

4.  I have not written off legal action at this point.  The threats, defamation of character other harassment is escalating.  Now I know what fame must feel like.  I can take it though, it’s in my heritage to stand against opposition when the cause is just.

5.  Perhaps because I’m a woman who’s standing my ground.  And so are the people that have been here and seen the plasma orb action in person. And so are the countless others who’ve been filming them and are withstanding similar attacks.

I am spending my own money & time to show what is going on only to educate everyone, not to open a debate. they have the choice to not believe it and move on if it doesn’t fit their bill.  Those not seeing this stuff and are on the other side of a flat screen with no depth-of-field are simply not qualified to tell others what they’ve seen.  Those without proof to the contrary (like radar) are not qualified either–especially when it concerns mimicry.  I would hate to have these guys in our military when the other side starts using the type off hologram technology our guys are working on now.  They’ll be, “Hey, we can’t shoot at that!   I don’t care if they’re not suppose to be here, they’re not on radar or respond to radio contact, are violating the no-fly-zone… and flying low over houses, it looks just like a civilian plane with it’s flashing lights!”  See my point?

Here is a partial list of others on Youtube (from around the world) who have footage of the same phenomenon–you can go directly to their channels by typing the following names after this address:


There are also THOUSANDS of orange UFO videos online too.  I believe all orange UFOs probably have the ability to transform or morph into objects that pretend to be ours to blend in, go unnoticed and not be shot at.

Refusing to accept new information will not be helpful in dealing with what’s going on right now.  Somewhere I read something that said, “The wise man will see the many signs in the heavens and prepare…”

I think they might have meant these times….

Thank you for taking the time to finding out the truth of what’s being going on… I remain,

Respectfully yours,

Alison Kruse


39 Responses to “Alison Kruse Speaks Out”


    Alison is awesome and I think the haters are such because she is what they will never be.

  2. Shawn Connors Says:

    Alisons videos are some of the best recent evidence known. She has spent a small fortune on video equipment utilizing Infrared & Night Vision lenses that pick out objects we cant normally see. Its fascinating to watch what she films & its clear the copyright claims are an attempt to “shut” her down.
    When a group of people try that hard to silence someone, it tweaks my interest – and it should get yours. Its definitely worth investigating her videos. Her YT account was squished – but she has established a new channel. “MOREseeingUFOsPA” which contains her latest videos.
    Alison is on to something and the “powers that be” want her to stop.
    If this were jibberish nonsense, would anyone go to the lengths they’ve gone to intimidate her? To ridicule, or debunk? Nope. Alisons tapped into something huge & everyone that investigates UFOs knows it.

  3. hi just wanted to share a couple of links to alison kruse’s recent radio interview

    part 1
    part 2
    video review

  4. I believe the issues with Alison has to do with the “planes” she is filming. A short time ago, she posted a video along with a $500 challenge to prove her videos wrong.

    Shortly after it was posted with her video (including date and time it was filmed), several posters gathered the flight information using FLightAware…and posted it for all to see. She then quickly pulled the video, and removed any/all comments on the matter.

    It is quite apparent what she is filming is aircraft on approach to the major airports in the area. This FACT has been proven by others.

    However….if she “wants” to see UFOs, more power to her.

    • This was posted today. Alison received radar reports for the Pittsburgh area from the FAA and nothing was in her area when she filmed the “Big UFO – December 2”. What has she to gain from any of this if it’s simply aircraft? Why aren’t the aircraft or choppers making any sound? What was the object that was pulsing and firing a laser at the ground at the same time? If, as many suggested it was the laser sighting system of an Apache helicopter, what the hell are Apache helicopters flying around in her backyard for? There are simply too many questions and not enough answers. Too much money invested in recording equipment (good equipment) to prove that these aren’t necessarily terrestrial aircraft. There’s something else going on here!

      • Her FAA report was discussed on another forum. Apparently the military flights are excluded from that request. She, herself, said there were military craft in the area.

    • I live beside a big airport (newcastle uk) and see planes/helicopters all day and night constantly.
      Because they travel at speed you generally have 3-4 mins from the moment you see them in the distance to the time they land.
      Some of the objects in Kruse’s videos are in the air for up to 20mins if she posts a “part 2”.
      Planes and heli’s are noisy beasts, more so at night when noise pollution is low, yet most of what kruse films are silent.

      • Exactly.Because at night the air is denser causing sound to travel further. You’ll hear a chopper or plane before you’ll see it at that low height.

  5. There is a disturbing video that Alison made, in which she is telling her kids to shine laser pointers at her “ufos”. Umm, that is a federal offense, to shine laser pointers at aircraft.

    It’s one thing to film something and claim its a UFO. To possibly endanger aircraft by encouraging kids to shine laser pointers at them is, quite frankly, a dangerous and stupid thing to do.

  6. I think it’s sad that she goes to such lengths to convince people that she is filming actual UFO’s. I also think that it is interesting (and a fact that is never mentioned by her or her supporters) that MUFON have clearly stated that she only started calling them “fake planes” AFTER they investigated and informed her that she was filming conventional aircraft.

    Even more bizarre is that she says here that she knows the copyright claims and harassment are coming from trolls, yet on her videos she constantly harps that it’s coming from “THEM”, the Government and military, and that “THEY” want to keep the “TRUTH” from reaching others, and other people froth at the mouth over her claims, agreeing with her. She selectively feeds the hysteria. I’m sure that those in power could use far more effective techniques to silence her if all her claims were true.

    And so what if she spends thousands of dollars on recording equipment? Does that make her an expert? If I buy a couple of thousand dollars worth of surgical equipment, am I then considered a surgeon or an expert on the subject of surgery? The fact that she ignores the blooming effect of night vision equipment, that she claims that bugs and snowflakes are orbs and alien lifeforms WITHOUT a SHRED of evidence, demonstrates her lack of professionalism.

    She chases planes and helicopters that are miles away from her (a fact proven by one of her detractors). You cant hear their engines because of the distance, and yet she claims that they are actually a few hundred meters away. She says that planes are morphing UFO’s, even though they NEVER demonstrate this supposed morphing technique. There’s a video where you can clearly hear the freaking engines and she says it’s “FAKE NOISE”. It blows my mind how people keep feeding her praise when her instability is plainly obvious.

    • “She chases planes and helicopters that are miles away from her (a fact proven by one of her detractors). You cant hear their engines because of the distance”

      Thanks to the “laser video”, you can tell how close it is because of the laser being in front of the trees.

  7. Cloudcover Says:

    I believe in UFO’s and ORBS. I have took pictures of them myself. The US government does not even attempt to explain them respectively to the public. Instead, it wants the public to believe they are in charge and the only higher entity people should bow down to.

    • No need for the govt to explain what is quite obvious in her videos. They are aircraft. There is actually a clip she had posted (and removed) where her own husband was saying they were just aircraft.

  8. Im enjoying both kruses videos and the debunkers.
    Some of the debunkers act as if they work for some secret government, wearing shades, scarf around face and disguising their voice…its comedy gold.

  9. I am another woman who has seen these same kinds of phenomona on the other side of the continent, in Washington state. I KNOW what Alison Kruse has recorded is real. The US govt knows it is real, obviously and so must MUFON, which leads me to conclude it is a disinformation agency.
    The more I learn and see with my own eyes, the more obvious it becomes that there has been a LONG TERM very organized cover-up and even the most famous diclosure advocates, if they are at all sophisticated are not to be trusted! I have been digging deep, for about a year now and the deeper I go, the more disgusting it gets. Alison Kruse seems like a newly discovered HERO to me and I say she is a brave woman!

    • Thanks for your comments Heather. With the government “looking” for an excuse to mount their global one world government plan, I can see “disclosure” as not being too far off. This would give them the opportunity via panic (the pandemic didn’t work, neither is the global warming thing) to get things, their plan for a single socialist world government/banking, moving for them.

    • …as she bravely shines laser pointers at the incoming aircraft, and encouraging her children to do so as well. Looks like the FAA is now investigating her. Putting innocent pilots in danger because of her delusions is a public safety hazard.

      • MTheory Says:

        uffff Gavron..Where do you work? Some kind of secret military unit that is working for people to distract and confuse to ward off people from the ‘visitor’ reality? Post your proofs before talking, because Alison and others proofs are on the internet. So where are yours besides talking? If you want to debunk her so much, find where she lives, watch her while shooting the videos and shoot your own to debunk her and come here with some proof buddy or otherwise dont make certain talks.. it will take no attention with the absence of your proof.

  10. What the hell is wrong with you people? All of her so-called orbs appear over the hill and there are airports behind each and every hill she films. Not only that they follow the same flight patterns! Her night vision only exaggerates the light …makes it bigger and halo-like. Don’t you people know anything about lenses at all? Those are oncoming heliocopters or planes with the big bright light. The lights are so exaggerated with night vision. You people want them to be Aliens…but they are not…they are just conventional aircraft!
    I simply can’t believe how many gullible people there are out there.
    What are you people praising anyway?
    We got a middle-age woman out there isolated. New hobby? She calls everyone names if they don’t agree with her, dimisses them and does not post their comment!
    The Military are improving their night-vision because you cannot really descern what any brightly lit object is.
    I can see an occassional air-craft but this woman is filming them almost every day.

  11. It’s rather comical to me to sit and watch debunkers put soooooo much energy in to something they say is a hoax. Hey Debunkers, why no put that so-called investigative energy in to debunking the lies govt tell you every day of the week and put you and your family in physical danger. Then again that would take BALLS, which debunkers that troll blogs or forums do not have! Be a real man and debunk the govt that goes to work every day to take your freedoms from you!

  12. Alison, in any case should be commended for her pure dedication. I dont think anyone LOOKS for this situation. From what I can tell, this has only cost her money and hassle. EVEN IT IS TERRRESTRIAL, she is creating a video/data record. Perhaps this data can be used to disprove aliens.. I think she would welcome a clarification, either way. She has asked not for other fans, but SCIENTISTS to come set up multi-viewpoint simulcasts. With all the video, I cant for the life of me understand how the roads to that area arent PACKED with cameras, or better yet TEAMS, on either side of the mystery. Debunkers, the one thing all can agree is that there is a MYSTERY here.

    The other aspect I find curious is the emotion here. Knowing a) there is life off the earth and b) they are here and c) they are wayyy more advanvced and d) not kowing their motivations scares the shit out of some people. Alison may have unscientifically arrived at her conclusions- however the volume of video, the repetitious nature of the phenomenon makes the conclusion of SOMETHING WEIRD is definately happening here, and she only invites others to HELP her figure it out. The pure viscousness against HER and her conclusions is unwarranted. The pure stupidity of ignoring or worse writing off her video log as just airplanes is a sign of an agenda that is sonmehow anti-truth. Open minds people.

    Alison, please continue the fight. If I were anywher near ther Id be glad to vector out 120 degrees from the center of the hill and record with ya in target-coordinated way. with GPS data, traingulation, altitude and coordinates would be easy. Secondly any noise levels could also be used as vector data.

    If the phemomenon IS off-world originating, then they are definately obscuring the truth of they’re true nature. This is allegorical to those trying to trying to limit or discredit Ms. Kruse’s experiential recordings of something no-one on-planet as yet can explain.

  13. For your information : in november 2009, I was quiet interested in Alison’s videos, but I told her it was pointless to film these, the only way to get a solid proof is by taking pictures of ufos using diffraction slides in front of the camera which would show the spectre of these lights, giving their chimical structure, and it’s cheap: only 40 cents each. But I told her also that if her ufos were just planes, the spectre would say so…
    first she said: “ho, a scientific interest, at last, good !”
    but nothing for a month
    I came back, asking once more and she claimed : ” I don’t have time for this, I have a job you know…”
    So I striked back again a month later and she said that she would take those pictures…
    And now, you know what ? Even if I never was rude to her or anything, I’m not able to post any comments on her videos…
    She is claiming for scientific interest, but when scientists are asking for the real deal, giving her the right method to proceed… she banishes them !!!
    And believe me, I’m a ufo fan, not a debunker, but Alison is nothing but a FAKER, period !
    (and if you don’t trust me, I’ve kept all the emails we shared together)

  14. LMFAO @ This whole farce!
    To date she has what? 123 videos out there. My congratulations to the Lady claiming they are all ALIENS. One lady out there seeing UFO’s every single night? What’s that all about? Not one of you think it strange?

    How is it possible that if these events are taking place that the media is not involved, after all, they were involved with one LIGHT in the sky that appeard for nine days straight in Cleveland, Ohio.

    What else does this middle-aged woman have to do out there in an isolated area?
    I think these people who REFUTE Alison’s imaginations are laudable! They take the time and effort to QUESTION what Alison is recording. That is what everyone SHOULD be doing. You question what people put out there on you tube!

    The debunkers, or people that ‘refute’ Alison’s claims, put out well thought out videos which include, maps of topography, logistics, vectoring routes, defects of artifacts produced by the Generation III NVG’s, and Optical Illusions showing how a plane, when headed straight towards you, displays the planes headlights which are so bright it obscures other lights on the plane until it passes over you, that is when the plane becomes clear, or in Alisons videos, they turn to the side following a vector route, that is when she states that they are fake planes morphing orbs that turn into a fake plane. What is really funny is that one of these videos shows a plane which opens up its headlights to which Alison refers to as “powering up” and starts carrying on like some kind of school girl. It’s ridiculous!
    What is worse her followers so want the lights to be UFO’s that they leave their common sense behind!

  15. I wonder to myself if those things are real, why don’t the bell ring and the sky is full of F18 in seconds. Possible answer- we can make stealth, why can’t they – or it rang and They kept watching too, They’ve already known what’s coming but don’t know what to do. So They shut up and quietly preparing for Themselves.Then I wonder if they’re real, why don’t they put on some conceal to avoid too much audiences. Possible answer- they like to show off – or they are in a hurry cos very little time left. Left to what? Oh man, you don’t want to know it. Then I wonder why they do particular like Alison’s backyard. Possible answer – they like the scenery – or they’re bluegrass fan and confuse Alison to that lovely singer – or there are a lot of old deep coal mine tunnels in this area. what for? Won’t tell you. Then I wonder of all these years I watch the sky hoping to see them one with no avail, how could she see them so often so easily like putting on a TV. Possible answer – she is lucky – or she is ‘ chosen ‘. Sleep tight folks, nothing can be done now. Leave your destiny in your God’s hand.

  16. Dear Alison. I’m the one who comment about your Manta ray suite and Paris clip. I’m from far away. Recently joined ’tube at first just for favorite songs to listen to. Then found many other interesting things to go on. I believe in extraterrestrial intelligence long time ago so I watched lot of clips of this kind, and found correlate of many clips that I thought it’s the same thing and it’s real. Then I found you. I was puzzled you’ve sighted them so often so easily while my self, believe in their existence, had never sighted them at all. But I‘ve never doubt your clips. Put everything together, I told myself they’re not hostile, doing something in quite a hurry. From strange behavior of Earth lately, I suspect something unusual and harmful is coming. I really don’t know what it is, but I thought it might somehow relates to what ‘THEY’ are doing up there. I believe they’re trying to help us. I posted comment at some places implying such idea. Couple of days ago, I went into the subject of “ Nibiru ” or “ Planet X ”. I went through it quite extensively and found it persuasive. I also found it possibly links to those guys up there. This might be their rescue mission. Have you noticed your government lately? No more talk of Afgan or Iraq war, no more interest in Iran or North Korea nuclear struggle, no more Al Qaeda hunting. They’re focusing on something quietly. And also strange domino bankruptcy of those EU countries. Like you’ve experienced, the planet X faced heavily effort to discredit and shut their mounts. That’s suspicious. About one weeks ago, I noticed that my channel was constantly visited by 9 or 10 visitors everyday. Then I got a hunch that I might become target cos my favorite contains both your UFO and those Planet X clips. If they are somehow real and linked, my channel will be a dangerous one cos visitors will find both subjects and could possibly correlate them if watched. So I must be wiped out. And that means “ ALL IS TRUE ”. Then I wait. This evening, after just a few days visiting Planet X story, my channel was 34 times interfered and destroyed. I can only enter “ my channel ” which reports that I logged in 15 hours ago though I’m just coming in. I cannot enter “ favorite” any more, adding more clips to favorite also impossible. They eat bait. Now I can conclude everything and I do wish I’m wrong. I urge you to investigate my presumption and do what you think necessary to people in your country. They can hide it one more year at most, then hell breaks loose. I will no longer come up anymore, because there are lots of things to do while so very little time is left. May your God protects you. I have few words for those grunts attacked my channel. Why not go back home spending this little time left with your family. It’s a last chance. Do you think they gonna let you go into the vault with them. You and all your kin will finally end up dead meats floating in the water with all of us. But let me tell you one thing, THEY WILL ENVY US.

  17. Gavron, your a real hot dog for Alison Cruse arent you? If shes not filming anything other than aircraft why the hounding? Why does it bother you so? Why are you so concerned as to whether or not she shines lasers at aircraft, and why would go out of your way to report here for doing so? Your lucky its not me your hounding pal, cos if it was…..

  18. I was a big non believer of UFO or ETs. To me its about the reality and science. To actually believe that another living organism has the ability to travel at light speed distances and survive is just rediculous. Further more…to find worm holes and travel from one end of the universe to another is just pure science fiction. But now I question everything that I believed because I recently eye witnessed exactly the same UFO orange orb at night as I was lounging outside of my apartment balcony last Saturday night. I know what I saw was real because as I just enjoying the view of the freeway from my apartment which is about half of a mile away from my place. I don’t live in PA. I live in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. And what she captured from video is real. What I witnessed was and orange orb sphere that came out of the trees by the freeway and I first assumed it was an astroid (since I didnt know what else to think it) but it was gaining altitude and it was definitely not a plane or helcopter because it was much more brighter, rounder, and quiter. The object eventually gain altitude as it was fading in and out. I never seen anything like it before and I was real freaked out because whatever it was totally went against the physics of our planet. Then after googling “orange ufo, flying orange object” I was amazing that there has been 1000s of sighting just like what I witnessed ALL OVER THE WORLD. For all the debunkers here, use your brain! Alison is not the only person that has captured this phenomenon. There so many videos by amateurs that have captured the same flying orb objects. As eye witness, I believe in these orbs and if you were to be a lucky ones to actually see these orbs, you will be a believer as well.

  19. Allisons videos are compelling, Alien or Not, something is up there, every night, the last one I saw was a large plane type craft HOVERING above her, no sound, but her wispering, very good footage, keep in mind, garbage is ALL OVER YOUTUBE, just junk ufo trash, also MUFON doesnt know anymore than anybody else, lots of DRAMA around & in MUFON, they all posture for whos the most UFOy! dont think that somehow they are the deciding factor for anything. lol…..

  20. fake videos?why?what’s the motivation?money?hah.this stuff is real.period

  21. Abe Eastwood Says:

    UFOLOGY is really in a desperate state if Alison Kruse is being used as a good example of “evidence”. No wonder serious scientists shy away from getting involved if all we can present is a woman who films aircraft from local airports.

    I think UFOs exist, but this is just a one of those dirty little side streets which lead nowhere.

  22. dave struthers Says:

    I’m with Nikarta all the way. What an excellent post!

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  26. Methink these debunkers do protest too much….

  27. chris j oneal Says:

    The people who leave messages saying alison is seeing things that arent there are the lowest of the low, Its like attacking some one who has figured out the earth aint flat.
    All of you debunkers have sold your souls because of your fear, Its the fear that drives you, But the question is what is there to be afraid of ???????????????????????????????????????

  28. chris j oneal Says:

    Anybody who see’s her footage of the orb scoping out her house in an intelligent manner has no excuse for targeting her as the video clearly shows a type of spy drone in use

  29. You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet to find out more about the
    issue and found most individuals will go along with
    your views on this website.

  30. Admire Ms. Kruse for her efforts. Not all that we see/observe is always what we think or believe, but if you reflect upon ALL of her vast material with an open, objective frame of mind, then you will be left with the indisputable conclusion that there is much out there which begs continued and deeper investigation. She should be saluted and not condemned for her efforts-to-date.
    On the topic of MUFON … it’s a sham. Not once has any significant or truly noteworthy event (of the tens of thousands) reported there resulted in anything of substance finding it’s way as MUFON-verified, and endorsed into the public domain. MUFON is no better than Project Blue Book from nearly half a century ago.

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